Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

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ISBN: 0965636410
Format: Paperback, 234 pages
Publish Date: March 2004
Publisher: Oakdale Press
Price: $14.50
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Publisher Comments

     It began as a catharsis on a Friday night years ago, with the scribbling of stifled emotions onto scraps of paper, in a small, lonely apartment. The writing continued through the years, and those bits and pieces that recorded some of the joys, mirages, and disappointments in life have now been consolidated into this volume of extraordinary poetry

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1) Please Find Me
2) Goodbye, Spring
3) Freedom at Last!
4) Not Everyone Is Home!

Please Find Me

Tonight, as I stood in a crowd once more
Loneliness stopped by, as it has before,
Made me miss your loving arms around me
And wonder where in the world you could be?

I need the touch of your hand upon my cheek,
It's your consolation and affection I seek,
Perhaps you know me, maybe we've never met,
Might you be a past love, who'll return yet?

I've searched for your love for many years,
Often thought I'd found you, then shed tears
When unrequited love was turned away,
Yet hope lives on, that I'll find you one day.

If in your life you have also known sorrow,
Then share with me, a promise of tomorrow,
Accept the devotion I will offer you,
My love and understanding you'll have too.

To find you, I've prayed to Heaven above,
Perhaps, I'm not meant to find you, my love,
If that is true, I have one last plea,
Whoever you are, please find me.

Copyright M. E. Giles 2004

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Goodbye, Spring

She entered my life on a summer breeze,
The woman who stole my heart with ease,
For whom I had yearned through years of strife,
Spring arrived in the autumn of my life.

For years I had searched for her loving eyes
In the faces of women who passed me by,
When I saw the face I would soon adore,
I knew it was her who I was looking for.

She was honest, loving and warm,
My hopes and dreams her presence formed,
New beginnings, renewed love of life,
Perhaps someday, would she be my wife?

Came the winds of fall and I felt the chill
Of loving alone, I remember still,
Like a wild bird that must be freed
She whispered "Let me go" - I agreed.

I walk alone in this biting cold wind,
Hoping that just as winter must end
And vernal colors replace shades of gray,
My love, my Spring, might return someday.

Copyright M. E. Giles 2004

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Freedom at Last!

A night of glorious celebration,
Teeming crowds with nary a care,
At long last, the Reunification,
Shouts and revelry filled the air . . .

After so many pain-filled years,
Of freedom-lovers shot or drowned,
Now with hammers, cheers and tears,
The hated Wall was coming down.

Copyright M. E. Giles 2004

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Not Everyone Is Home!

Remnants of yellow ribbons have long since blown away,
Homecoming's joyful tears belong to another day,
Welcoming homes have settled into workaday routine,
Though few vets really forget the horror that they've seen.

While in that tortured country from which they had returned,
War-weary natives work the soil of a land barren and burned,
Bowing to their new masters, down from the north to stay as
Jungle growth reclaims the dead and tools of war rust away.

Weapons silenced long ago, by a sudden, uneasy truce
Calling for mutual honor, but put to the enemy's use,
Repatriation was to be the last act of that bloody war,
One that split a nation when many asked, "What's it for?"

Fondest hopes were realized, when troops at last came home,
Except for loved ones who still wait, keeping their vigil alone,
Do enough of us remember our POW's kept behind,
Or does "MIA" really mean "Out of sight - out of mind?"

Copyright M. E. Giles 2004

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